Talk about your neighborhood – IELTS Speaking part 1, 2, 3

Speaking là phần thi mà hầu hết thí sinh nào cũng “ngán ngẩm”. Đặc biệt với chủ đề Talk about your neighborhood, nếu không nắm được từ vựng cũng như các cấu trúc câu thì sẽ rất khó để trình bày tốt.

Vì vậy, bài viết đã tổng hợp tất cả các cấu trúc câu, từ vựng và các bài thi mẫu về chủ đề Talk about your neighborhood để bạn có thể tham khảo nhé!

Từ vựng chủ đề Talk about your neighborhood

Từ vựng chủ đề Talk about your neighborhood
Từ vựng chủ đề Talk about your neighborhood

Từ vựng về địa điểm và nơi chốn

  • Bookstore: hiệu sách
  • Bakery: Cửa hàng bánh mì
  • Restaurant: Nhà hàng
  • Apartment: Căn hộ
  • Clinic: Phòng khám
  • Supermarket: Siêu thị
  • Church: Nhà thờ
  • Bus Stop: Điểm dừng xe buýt
  • Gym: Phòng thể dục
  • Bus Station: Trạm xe buýt
  • Taxi Stand: Đón taxi
  • Bus Station: Trạm xe buýt
  • Prison: Nhà tù
  • Cinema: Rạp chiếu phim
  • Mall: Trung tâm mua sắm
  • Theather: Nhà hát
  • Hospital: Bệnh viện
  • Park: Công viên
  • Gym: Phòng thể dục
  • Shoe Store: Cửa hàng giày
  • City Hall: Toà thị chính

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Từ vựng về vị trí của nơi chốn

  • Next to: Ở cạnh
  • Across From: Đối diện
  • In front of: Ở đằng trước
  • Between: Giữa
  • Behind: Phía sau
  • Near: Gần

Một số từ vựng khác

  • Get along: Hòa thuận với
  • Get together: Tụ tập
  • My nearest and dearest: Người thân nhất
  • Keep an eye on: Trông chừng
  • Return the favour: Trả ơn
  • Dispute: Tranh luận
  • Folk verses and proverbs: Ca dao tục ngữ
  • Conflict: Cuộc đối đầu, xung đột
  • Do more harm than good: Lợi bất cập hại
  • Supportive: Hữu ích, ủng hộ
  • Amiable: Thân thiện, dễ gần
  • Be faced with: Đối mặt
  • Adversity: Khó khăn
  • Turn to someone for advice: Nhờ đưa ra lời khuyên
  • Settle: Sống, định cư
  • Throw a party: Mở tiệc
  • Strike up a conversation: Bắt chuyện
  • Brust into laughter: Bật cười
  • Unwind: Nghỉ ngơi, thư giãn
  • Bosom friend: Bạn thân
  • Ideal location: Vị trí lý tưởng
  • Pharmacy: Tiệm thuốc
  • Basic necessity: Nhu cầu cơ bản
  • Come up with: Suy nghĩ

Cách lập dàn ý chủ đề Talk about your neighborhood

Để có được một bài nói trôi chảy, bạn cần có sự chuẩn bị thật kỹ lưỡng. Đặc biệt là cấu trúc bài. Một cấu trúc logic sẽ dễ lấy điểm cộng trong mắt giám khảo hơn. Dưới đây là dàn ý gợi ý, bạn có thể tham khảo:

  • Where is your neighborhood? (in the country, near the city, in the city or in the mountains,…) 
  • Khu phố bạn sống ở đâu? (vùng nông thôn, gần thành phố, trong thành phố hay ở trên núi,..)
  • What can you see in your neighborhood? (street, trees, fields, schools, houses, mountains, a cinema, shopping centers) – Bạn có thể nhìn thấy những gì trong khu phố của mình? (đường phố, trường học, rạp chiếu phim, nhà cửa, đồi núi, cây cối, cánh đồng, trung tâm mua sắm,…)
  • What do the streets/ the houses/ the mountains/.. in your neighborhood look like? – Đường phố/ ngôi nhà/ đồi núi/… trong khu phố của bạn như thế nào?
  • Do you like living in your neighbourhood? Why/ Why not? – Bạn có thích sống trong khu phố của mình không? Tại sao có/ Tại sao không?

Talk about your neighborhood – Part 1

Do you get along with your neighbors?

Yes, we are really close and have a lot in common. We also care about and support one another. My neighbors are as precious to me as my own family.


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In your nation, are your neighbors typically close to one another?

In a word, yeah. Vietnamese proverbs and folk poems illustrate the value of establishing strong relationships with neighbors. We frequently get along well because we know that having problems and disagreements with our neighbors can be more detrimental than helpful.

What’s the vibe in your neighborhood?

Chủ đề Talk about your neighborhood - part 1
Chủ đề Talk about your neighborhood – part 1

They are nice, giving, encouraging, and amicable, I must add. My family may seek the counsel, assistance, and support of our neighbors whenever it faces difficulties. After everything has been resolved, we simply gather together and throw a party as payment for the favor.

What assistance can neighbors offer?

Yes, as I’ve already mentioned, they are wonderful and encouraging. When my family travels together for a while, we occasionally ask them to watch over our house. We can get together at night, have a decent talk, tell some jokes, and then the group can start laughing. That is the way we unwind after a long day of working and studying.

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Do you believe that your neighborhood is a safe location for kids to play?

Yes, there is a tiny playground for kids in our area. All the kids are welcome to go there at night and play together. I can see that kids are best friends and have really deep relationships with one another.

What amenities are available in the area?

We have a convenience shop, a pharmacy, a market, and a police station in our neighborhood, so I must say that I am settling in an outstanding area. It almost completely satisfies all of our basic needs.

What could be done to enhance your neighborhood?

Oh, I haven’t thought of anything to make my neighborhood better yet. We don’t currently need any changes or improvements because, as I’ve already stated, it is in a great location and has great neighbors.

Do you believe that having good relations with your neighbors is important?

Yes, it is crucial to have positive interactions with your neighbors. Since my family and my neighbors don’t have the same beliefs or interests, we nonetheless act kindly and nicely to avoid getting into a fight with them.

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Talk about your neighborhood – Part 2

Talk about your neighborhood: Describe an interesting neighbor. You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • How you know this person 
  • What this person likes to do

Even though I live in a very crowded region with many different houses, I have trouble getting along with my neighbors. But if you ask me to tell you about someone who most intrigues me, I won’t think twice to choose Ms. Phuong, who has been my neighbor for about ten years.

Talk about your neighborhood - Part 2
Talk about your neighborhood – Part 2

Ms. Phuong, a spinster in her late 40s, is currently single. She lived in my neighborhood before my family moved here ten years ago, so she has been here her entire life. She doesn’t have a spouse or kids, and she shares her small, homey home with her two cats, Carlos and Mimi.

Contrary to common perceptions that individuals like her are depressed, or unusually religious, Ms. Phuong is actually a warm-hearted woman with a burning passion for art and music.

Ms. Phuong is a passionate learner who has traveled to many different nations. She can ramble on for hours about her travels to Europe and Africa, the wonderful people she met there, and the places she visited. The highly educated woman maintains a passionate interest in literature and even establishes a tiny library to encourage a reading culture in the community.

She can play the guitar really well, so she fills her home with music and paintings. When I was younger, I would frequently go to her house to pet the cats and listen to the catchy music from the 1970s.

She is adored by everyone in the neighborhood for her generosity, and I must admit that there are times when talking to her is simpler than talking to my mother since I can get other opinions.

The wise woman frequently offers me the most helpful guidance, whether it is on my academics, interpersonal relationships, or outlooks on life. We still get along well even though I don’t go over to her house as often as I used to.

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Talk about your neighborhood – Part 3

Do you believe that neighbors are significant?

Absolutely, yes. Your neighbors are the first to watch over your property when you’re not there because they live next door. Your subconscious conduct is picked up by your neighbors, who can tell when anything is off.

What characteristics make a good neighbor?

According to me, a good neighbor is always trustworthy and dependable in that we can turn to them for assistance when we need it, and they can turn to us for assistance when they need it. Consideration is yet another quality that a neighbor need to possess.

It’s not simple for a community to coexist, especially when there are barking dogs, an untrimmed tree, a cluster of cars in the front yard, or a loud party. If the person living next door was fully aware of how his daily deeds can affect others, the neighborhood would have fewer problems to resolve.  

Talk about your neighborhood - Part 3
Talk about your neighborhood – Part 3

Now that most people use technology in communicating with others, how do you think this has affected people’s relationships with their neighbors?

It might be challenging to keep connected with our neighbors and the local community in today’s modern, fast-paced environment. Even when neighbors are directly next door, electrical devices like TVs and smartphones operate as a significant barrier to social engagement.

After a hard day at work, it might be difficult for people to continue extended conversations with their neighbors; instead, lying in bed and scrolling through their phones is a far more comfortable option.

How should modern people communicate with their neighbours?

In my opinion, a party is the best method to bring people together. In order to really connect with their neighbors and have a great time together, folks might start organizing community events like a barbecue.

Being willing to share is another quality of a good neighbor. Sharing resources with neighbors, such as time, tools, or even real estate, is a great way to foster a sense of neighborhood.

Hy vọng với những kiến thức về từ vựng, cấu trúc câu cũng như các bài thi mẫu về chủ đề Talk about your neighborhood để giúp bạn đạt điểm cao trong bài thi IELTS sắp tới nhé! chúc bạn thành công.

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