Topic Talk about Internet – Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking part 1, 2, 3

Sự phát triển của internet luôn là chủ đề hot hiện nay. Nắm bắt được xu hướng của thị trường, talk about internet là một trong những chủ đề phổ biến trong phần thi IELTS Speaking. Cùng theo dõi bài viết dưới đây để trang bị cho mình một “tủ” từ vựng cũng như các câu trả lời mẫu nhé!

Từ vựng chủ đề Talk about Internet – IELTS Speaking

Từ vựng chung về Internet

  • Screen: Màn hình
  • Tablet: Máy tính bảng
  • Keyboard: Bàn phím 
  • Hardware: Phần cứng
  • Software: Phần mềm
  • Database: Cơ sở dữ liệu
  • Search engine: Công cụ tìm kiếm 
  • Website: Trang web
  • Browser: Trình duyệt
  • To go online: Lên mạng
  • To surf the internet: Lướt mạng
  • To access the internet: Kết nối mạng
  • To spend time online: Dành thời gian trên mạng
  • Means of communication: Phương tiện giao tiếp 

Từ vựng nói về lợi ích của Internet

  • Faster, cheaper and more convenient communication: Liên lạc nhanh chóng, rẻ và tiện lợi hơn
  • Faster international transactions: Giao dịch quốc tế nhanh chóng hơn
  • To widen our knowledge: Mở rộng tri thức
  • One of the widest sources of knowledge: Một trong những nguồn kiến thức rộng nhất
  • To do research online: Làm nghiên cứu, tìm hiểu qua mạng
  • To practice foreign languages: Luyện ngoại ngữ
  • To chat with friends in other countries: Trò chuyện với bạn bè ở nước ngoài
  • To keep in touch with family/ friends: Giữ liên lạc với gia đình/ bạn bè
  • To make international friends: Kết bạn quốc tế

Từ vựng nói về tác hại của Internet

  • Internet addiction: Chứng nghiện mạng internet
  • To be addicted to (the internet/ online games/ social networks/ the computer): Bị nghiện thứ gì (mạng internet/ game online/ mạng xã hội/ máy tính)
  • To waste time: Lãng phí thời gian
  • To spend less time with family: Dành ít thời gian hơn cho gia đình
  • To neglect their study: Sao nhãng, bỏ bê việc học của ai
  • No face to face communication: Không có giao tiếp trực diện
  • To reduce physical activities: Giảm các hoạt động thể chất
  • Inactivity: Sự kém hoạt động, ít vận động
  • Cyber bully: Sự bắt nạt ảo, sự uy hiếp, hăm dọa qua mạng
  • Cyber crimes: Các hành vi phạm tội qua mạng
  • Spam: Thông tin rác
  • Physical development: Sự phát triển thể chất
  • Health-related problems: Các vấn đề về sức khỏe (Ví dụ: obesity: béo phì)
  • Bad websites: Các trang web xấu
  • Supervision of parents: Sự giám sát của phụ huynh

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Cấu trúc bài Talk about Internet – IELTS Speaking

Để đạt điểm cao trong phần thi speaking, bạn cần có sự chuẩn bị kỹ càng, đặc biệt là cấu trúc và bố cục của chủ đề Talk about Internet. Bạn có thể tham khảo bố cục dưới đây:

  • Phần mở đầu: Giới thiệu chung về Internet
    • Internet ra đời năm nào?
    • Internet đem lại điều gì cho thế giới?
    • Suy nghĩ của bạn như thế nào về Internet?
  • Nội dung chính: Nêu những lợi ích và tác hại của Internet kèm theo phân tích, ví dụ cụ thể như.
    • Tìm kiếm thông tin
    • Học tập, làm việc,…
    • Giải trí
    • Kết nối mọi người
  • Phần kết: Tóm tắt ý chính, nêu cảm nhận/ suy nghĩ/ dự đoán của bạn về internet trong tương lai. 

Câu trả lời mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 1 chủ đề Talk about Internet

Talk about internet - Part 1
Talk about internet – Part 1

Do you use the Internet much during the day?

Yes. I spend the majority of the day, maybe 12 hours overall, browsing the web. Due to the nature of my job, I am required to be online the majority of the time, either to communicate with my coworkers or to look for additional resources. I just use the Internet to entertain myself when I’m not at work. I’m aware in my heart that I might spend too much time on it, but I can’t help it.

What do you usually do on the Internet?

As said earlier, whether or not I’m at work absolutely determines what I do online. My time at work will only be used for meetings, talks, and academic activities… My online ritual, which helps me unwind after a long day of hard work, is to read through all of my social media accounts as soon as I come home and watch a few random hilarious videos.


Vui lòng nhập tên của bạn
Số điện thoại của bạn không đúng
Địa chỉ Email bạn nhập không đúng

What are your favorite websites?

I spend a lot of time on social media, so whenever I visit the web, social networking sites are my first stop. Despite the fact that I am not very outgoing or a social butterfly, I enjoy the ability to communicate with others via their images and sharings even though I don’t frequently get the chance to meet them in person.

Câu trả lời mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2 chủ đề Talk about the internet

Describe a website that you use regularly

You should say:

  • What type of website it is
  • What it allows you to do
  • And why you find it useful

The second-most popular website in the world, Youtube, immediately came to mind as soon as I read the cue card.

A massive visual library can be accessed by users from all around the world on the video-sharing website Youtube. On this platform, users can post their own videos and share them with the world. Users can also watch, rate, share, report, comment, subscribe to, and report videos. In particular, it offers free access to the vast majority of its videos.

Youtube is useful to me because it offers a lot of glaring advantages. First of all, this platform offers users a wide variety of content, including music videos, documentaries, video blogs, and educational videos, allowing me to expand my knowledge in any subject I’m passionate about.

For instance, when I made the decision to learn Korean on my own, I looked up numerous free videos on YouTube taught by renowned and native teachers. In addition, I regularly watch comedic videos and TV episodes to unwind after a difficult day.

In conclusion, I now consider viewing Youtube to be a necessary part of my daily routine and I cannot imagine doing otherwise.

Describe a time you solved a problem through the Internet

You should say:

  • What the problem was
  • How you solved this problem
  • How long it took to solve this problem
  • And how you felt about it

Humans’ reliance on computers and other technology doesn’t appear to be diminishing or decreasing in this era of technological dominance. We always turn to the internet for help when we are in trouble or confused, searching Google and YouTube for potential remedies. I’m not an outlier. So, if I had to think of a time when I utilized the internet to find a solution, it would be when I had to use it for studying.

In 2019, when my final exams for the 12th level drew near, I suddenly became ill. After undergoing all the necessary testing, I was given the jaundice diagnosis. I had problems studying because of this, and I was too exhausted to deal with daily tasks. I therefore skipped a month of school.

Talk about the internet part 2 - Describe a time you solved a problem through the Internet
Talk about internet part 2 – Describe a time you solved a problem through the Internet

My teachers were kind enough to assist me when I was dealing with this problem. In order for them to provide me notes and study materials, I connected all of my teachers to a WhatsApp group. I spent a lot of time simultaneously searching YouTube and Google for solutions to my problems.

I researched for the entire month using a variety of websites and internet resources. At the same time, I was catching up on the ideas being discussed in class. All things considered, I kept up with everything and aced the examinations.

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Câu trả lời mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 3 chủ đề Talk about the internet

Talk about advantages and disadvantages of using the internet

What are some advantages of the internet? (Một số lợi thế của Internet là gì?) 

Anyone can access this enormous collection since, in my opinion, the internet is where all kinds of information are exchanged. An individual can increase his knowledge and learn new abilities by regularly using the internet.

To give an example, anyone can easily access Youtube and begin studying new languages or even practical skills to earn a job. Additionally, the internet facilitates quick and inexpensive connections between individuals. This means that communication between people only takes a click, and the connection’s monthly fee is reasonable.

What are some disadvantages of the internet? (Một số nhược điểm của Internet là gì?) 

Nhược điểm của Internet
Nhược điểm của Internet – Talk about Internet

In my opinion, the internet offers both significant benefits and drawbacks that are worth addressing in addition to all of its advantages. Due to the availability of information, one drawback is that a significant portion of it hasn’t been standardized or vetted by any reputable institutions.

As a result, the vast majority of news and information shared online is unreliable. Another drawback is that today, personal information leaks are commonplace, which makes clients feel uneasy.

In fact, there is always a danger that criminals would hack into their bank accounts or passwords when they conduct various activities online. Therefore, it is challenging for anyone to feel secure in this setting.

Bài mẫu Talk about Internet – IELTS Speaking

Bài mẫu 1 – Talk about Internet

It cannot be disputed that since its creation, the Internet has played a significant role in our lives, and many people find it impossible to live happily without it.

The internet is a global network where people may connect and exchange information. Users must have computers that are linked to the public internet in order to utilize it. Each nation has its own businesses that offer Internet services, and customers must pay to access it.

Thousands of smaller computer networks, including those of businesses, institutions, governments, and individuals, make up this web. Since it was created by Americans in 1969, it has been further improved and finished. 

It took many years and a lot of efforts for human kind to finally get the general and easy way to connect with each other via Internet.

It was undeniable that the Internet had grown to be the largest information system ever, including a variety of knowledge from many different sectors, thanks to its enormous ability as an open access gateway. On the internet, we can find nearly anything, including information about politics, the military, education, entertainment, culture, and society.

People keep writing and uploading all kinds of content to it, and as a result of each user’s contribution, it has been growing steadily. Numerous Internet services have emerged and grown since that turning point. Together, they gave rise to a brand-new era for humanity, the era of knowledge and technology. Accessing the Internet is now an easy process for everyone.

Bài mẫu 2 – Talk about Internet

We must acknowledge that since its inception, the Internet has provided us with a number of benefits. However, there are a lot of risks and drawbacks associated with it. First off, using the Internet for amusement may be a lot of fun.

On it, we can play games, view videos, read books, and listen to music. While some websites offer a positive and healthy environment for users to have fun, others have offensive content and photos that are inappropriate for minors. In order to keep their children secure, parents should be in charge of the computers and restrict access.

Bài mẫu chủ đề Talk about the internet
Bài mẫu chủ đề Talk about the internet

Second, a lot of people can find important knowledge and helpful information on the Internet. Searching online saves us a ton of time compared to going to the library and turning the pages of countless volumes to find what we’re looking for. But it’s also challenging for us to verify everything we read there.

Since the Internet is made up of many different people, not everything on it is true, and only a small number of the millions of websites it contains are reliable. To ensure that we acquire the appropriate answer, we must verify all the information from several sources, and we should not place an undue reliance on it.

Thirdly, anyone can post and share their information on the internet. A large community is formed as a result of the numerous people we can meet and become friends with.

By doing so, we give Internet and app providers permission to access our personal information, which greatly increases the opportunity for cybercriminals to profit from their security lapses. In summary, the Internet is a dual-purpose instrument.

It has the potential to be our best helper if we know how to use it correctly. But if we don’t take precautions, we might have to deal with the consequences.

Bài mẫu 3 – Talk about Internet

Students can benefit greatly from the Internet’s resources when studying and conducting research.

First, kids have access to a wealth of knowledge thanks to the Internet. They can use search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others to find anything they need online, or they can go directly to other reputable websites to do their research. For kids, several school libraries also feature computers with Internet access.

Second, e-learning and distant learning are now both possible thanks to the Internet. Numerous online courses are accessible because to the Internet. How would we be able to continue our studies while taking the Covid 19 without the Internet?

Finally, students may unwind effortlessly with the help of various online movies, songs, and games. In conclusion, there are a large number of benefits that the Internet brings to students. 

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