Talk about swimming: Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 1, 2

Swimming là môn thể thao được yêu thích nhất hiện nay. Vì vậy, các thí sinh thường lựa chọn chủ đề talk about swimming cho bài thi nói của mình. Tuy nhiên, nếu không có sự chuẩn bị kỹ lưỡng về từ vựng và kiến thức, bạn sẽ rất khó để tự tin trả lời trước giám khảo,

Vì vậy, bài viết đã tổng hợp tất cả các từ vựng cũng như cấu trúc câu để làm tài liệu tham khảo về chủ đề Talk about swimming cho kỳ thi sắp tới của mình nhé!

Từ vựng chủ đề talk about swimming

  • Swimming pool /ˈswɪm.ɪŋ ˌpuːl/: Hồ bơi
  • Crawl /krɔːl/: Bơi sải
  • Dog-paddle: Bơi chó
  • Freestyle /ˈfriː.staɪl/: Bơi tự do
  • Gala /ˈɡeɪlə/: Hội bơi
  • Backstroke /ˈbækstrəʊk/: Kiểu bơi ngửa
  • Breaststroke /ˈbreststrəʊk/: Kiểu bơi ếch
  • Diving /ˈdaɪvɪŋ/: Lặn
  • Diving board /ˈdaɪvɪŋ bɔːrd/: Cầu/ ván nhảy
  • Goggles /ˈɡɒɡlz/: Kính bảo hộ; kính bơi
  • Lane /leɪn/: Làn bơi
  • Length /leŋθ/: Chiều dài bể bơi
  • Swimmer /ˈswɪmər/: Người bơi
  • Lido /ˈliːdoʊ/: Bể bơi ngoài trời
  • Lifeguard /ˈlaɪfɡɑːd/: Nhân viên cứu hộ
  • Suncream /ˈsʌnkriːm/: Kem chống nắng

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Hướng dẫn lên ý tưởng cho bài Talk about swimming

Nếu bạn là người thích bơi

  • Since exercising this way is the healthiest.
  • You adore being submerged in water.
  • It improves your cardiovascular health.
  • It aids in weight loss or muscular growth.
  • It’s crucial to know how to do it in case you ever end up in a river.
  • You adore swimming at the beach and live near the water.
  • How frequently do you swim?
  • If you’ve just gone swimming, who do you swim with? How long have you enjoyed swimming? If you enjoyed swimming when you were younger?
  • Your swimming technique
  • Besides these, why do you enjoy swimming?

Nếu bạn là người không thích bơi

Chủ đề talk about swimming
Chủ đề Talk about swimming
  • You detest being wet.
  • It takes too long to change and dry off afterward.
  • You favor different workouts
  • You absolutely detest working out.
  • It’s inconvenient that you don’t have a swimming pool close to your house.
  • You cannot swim.
  • You’re afraid of the water.
  • You object to the use of chlorine-based chemicals in swimming pools.
  • Describe why you quit swimming if you used to enjoy it when you were younger.
  • If you’d like to start swimming in the future Is there anything else about swimming you don’t enjoy?

Một số ý tưởng khác

  • Swimming is a great exercise for overall good health, especially in terms of cardiovascular endurance, therefore I first started doing it when I was a young child.
  • Our country’s increasing riches has given us more free time for outdoor activities, particularly swimming.
  • Swimming is a terrific method to cool off on a hot summer day. Whenever I’m feeling upbeat or depressed, I visit this location and immerse myself in the water to release all of my everyday tension.
  • Many individuals enjoy swimming for a variety of reasons, including that it is a sport that allows them to beat the summer heat.
  • Because all of their muscles can work out simultaneously when swimming, it helps people’s physical health and helps them stay in shape.
  • No other hobby can give me the same sense of freedom that it does. Swimming is the best exercise I’ve found for distracting my thoughts from my problems.
  • They will have plenty of time to unwind once they are deep underwater, which will relieve them of all their everyday tension. Being deep underwater is extremely rejuvenating after a long day.
Một số ý tưởng cho chủ đề talk about swimming
Một số ý tưởng cho chủ đề Talk about swimming
  • I live in the northern region of Vietnam, where there are four distinct seasons, and I can only enter the ocean when it is warm enough to feel comfortable.
  • Early swimming instruction can help youngsters avoid drowning accidents, which affect kids more often than adults and claim many lives every year.
  • If you practice consistently, swimming makes you fit as a fiddle and lifts your spirits since it relieves stress from daily life. Previously, swimming was thought of as an ostentatious hobby.

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Talk about your favorite sport swimming – Part 1

Can you swim? Did you learn to swim when you were a child?

Yes, I can! I am an experienced and ardent swimmer. When I was a baby, my parents actually enrolled me in swimming classes. Soon after, I joined a swim team and continued to swim competitively through my senior year of high school.


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In addition, my father has always enjoyed taking me on swimming adventures. He is a swimmer. I’ve always loved the water, because (someone who likes water activities).

Are there many of swimming spots close by?

There are, indeed! Given that I live in a large city some distance from the ocean, there are several public swimming pools. Additionally, there is a sizable lake just outside my door where some people swim to escape the oppressive (impossible) summer heat. However, the lake often emits an unpleasant odor and is full of chemical run-off waste, so I would never take part in this.

Is swimming a prominent sport in your nation?

Actually, no! Surprisingly, considering how far away from the ocean my city is from the coast, a lot of people don’t know how to swim. I believe that may be connected to it. However, people in my country who reside near coastal cities typically have good swimming skills.

Why is swimming so popular?

There are, in my opinion, a few causes. One benefit is that it’s a wonderful method to avoid the summer heat. Second, because it is low-intensity and trains every body area at once, it is a beneficial kind of exercise. Finally, it’s just a means to get people together and is often a nice and peaceful activity.

In your opinion, what are the advantages of swimming (or having swimming skills)?

Bài mẫu chủ đề talk about swimming
Bài mẫu chủ đề Talk about swimming

Swimming is a skill that can first and foremost save your life as well as the lives of others. Second, it is a healthy kind of exercise because it engages all of your body’s muscles simultaneously and is low-intensity. Last but not least, swimming can be used as therapy if you become hurt. Overall, learning is unquestionably useful.

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Talk about swimming – Part 2

Bài mẫu 1 – Talk about swimming

I would say swimming is my favorite sport if you were to ask me. Since I was five years old and began my swimming lessons, I have been swimming.

I’ll simply mention a few of the numerous reasons I enjoy swimming in the hopes that they might inspire you to do the same.

The first factor that makes swimming so appealing to me is how calming it can be. I adore floating on the sea and experiencing a near weightlessness. Every time I get out of the pool, I always feel completely at ease.

However, it can also be a frantic, competitive sport that quickens your pulse rate. It’s awesome to challenge yourself to cross the finish line first, and it’s a lot of fun to race across the pool as quickly as you can. I also get a big grin when I do simple maneuvers like underwater handstands and flips.

Swimming offers more variation than other sports, which is another factor that makes me love it. It doesn’t feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again when you swim because there are so many different strokes available.

A snorkel, flippers, or noodle (a flexible cylindrical piece of foam) are just a few swimming accessories that can change the experience even more and aid in improving your swimming technique.

Swimming offers a great, refreshing break during the heat! On a scorching summer day, there is nothing better than diving into the ocean. You feel better right away after going to the pool.

And since I swim the most during the summer, I believe it enhances the feeling of a vacation. It is a sport that may be practiced in a variety of stunning locales all around the world. You have the option of going swimming in the sea or a pool.

Last but not least, it’s a life skill that everyone should possess. You never know when you’ll need to swim, so it’s not just excellent for your health.

Bài mẫu 2 – Talk about swimming

I want to discuss about swimming, which is one of my favorite beach activities. You should know that I reside in Hai Phong, a coastal city with beautiful beaches, and the closest ocean is only fifteen minutes away.

As a result, my friends and I frequently visit there in the summer to swim in the refreshing water and escape the heat.

Bài mẫu chủ đề talk about swimming - Part 2
Bài mẫu chủ đề Talk about swimming – Part 2

Swimming is actually a rather simple sport. When I was around 8 years old, I learned how to swim, and it only took me a week to get familiar with a variety of swimming techniques, including breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly.

I frequently warm up and stretch my muscles and joints to prevent injuries before getting into the water, then I put on my swimwear and jump right in.

For a few reasons, I particularly enjoy swimming on the beach. First off, swimming is free, as opposed to other water sports like diving or windsurfing that demand expensive equipment. Second, swimming is incredibly healthy for us. Due to the fact that swimming uses almost all of our muscles, it gives the entire body a workout.

Additionally, it improves cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and endurance. Last but not least, going swimming is a terrific kind of entertainment because it enables me to relax, relieve tension, and have a blast with my friends.

Như vậy, đã tổng hợp tất cả những kiến thức cần thiết về chủ đề talk about swimming để giúp bạn cản thiện kỹ năng speaking của mình. Hy vọng những chia sẻ trên đây về chủ đề Talk about swimming có thể hỗ trợ cho bạn trong kỳ thi IELTS.

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